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All-in supplier of green energy solutions

Promptly providing installers of green energy systems big and small with the high-quality, innovative solutions they need. That’s our mission!

From mounting systems for PV panels to charging stations for electric vehicles, we do it all!

We can all contribute to a more sustainable future

We have to green our homes: it’s an absolute necessity. Besides, our energy bills will only increase in the years to come, while the energy requirements our homes have to meet will get stricter and stricter.  Plenty of reasons to start thinking about ways to reduce your energy consumption or go about things a little smarter, you could say!

There are already lots of affordable options out there that will immediately translate into lower energy costs, whilst also contributing to a brighter future and adding value to your customer’s home or business.

A steel roof with a safe and robust PV inlay system?


A sandwich panel roof or steel roof is one of the most used roof coverings and very suitable for solar panels. But what guarantees can you offer regarding different loads on the roof?

We did the test!

some of our projects

Solar Facade Installation - Airport Deurne (BE)

The airport in Deurne received a beautiful installation of solar panels. Not on the roof, but against the wall! The steeldeck plates, on a profile of 6m20, were mounted against the façade. Afterwards, the M8 hexagonal bolts, which were attached to the panels, were slid into the profiles. This way, the entire installation could easily be installed without the use of clamps.

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Agrivoltaics in fruitfarming (BE)

Protecting fruit while producing energy is possible with this unique solution! It initially started as a project with the University of Leuven as a solution for more renewable energy in agriculture. A first for Europe The first installation was placed above fruit trees, because orchards are still easy to harvest under solar panels. This is more difficult when harvesting vegetables with large agricultural machines. The installation in Bierbeek was a first in Europe. Better crops The impact of the solar panels on the pear trees was thoroughly tested. The panels are placed high above the field. That way the sunlight still reaches the crops and there is enough space for agricultural machinery. The measurements showed that the temperature under the panels is higher at night and lower during the day. In addition, the panels partially protect the pears from the bright rays of the sun or from hail. "Under the panels there is less evaporation, which leads to better harvests. You can create a favourable microclimate under solar panels. It is like a new form of climate control," says Professor Van de Poel. Allimex Green Power The solar panels were placed on the existing construction for hail nets, at a height of 4 metres. The impact of the panels on the environment and activities was thus limited. Allimex Green Power provided the SolarSpeed East-West mounting system and the other mounting materials, such as long profiles and the necessary clamps.

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