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A steel roof with a safe and robust PV inlay system?


A sandwich panel roof or steel roof is one of the most used roof coverings and very suitable for solar panels. But what guarantees can you offer regarding different loads on the roof? To provide clear answers to this question, tests had to be carried out. We did this with our ALLiN inlay system and FALK sandwich panel.

The result? Tested and approved!

Two leading brands join forces

For the integrity tests, Allimex Green Power (AGP) partnered with FALK Bouwsystemen. FALK is an important manufacturer and supplier of sandwich panels for various building projects.

The tests were carried out on the 1100 TR 3+ sandwich panel with steel sheet thickness of 0.5 mm, which is a frequently used panel on companies, stables, barns, houses, offices, and conditioned spaces. As these panels are often used with our ALLiN inlay system, it was the perfect set-up for the test.

A professional test set-up by Hasselt University

At the request of AGP, Hasselt University performed a study on the mechanical integrity of the ALLiN inlay system on FALK sandwich roof constructions. Various experimental tests and simulations were performed with regard to the maximum permissible upward and downward pressure and suction loads on the roof.

The test set-up consisted of a FALK sandwich panel, the ALLiN mounting system and a solar panel. A realistic snow and wind load was simulated using rubber mats. These physical tests were the basis for further virtual simulations.

The system was tested in the most extreme weather conditions. Step by step, different roof pitches and forces were tested in different wind zones and terrain categories. The forces amounted to 411 kg load, corresponding to a wind pressure of 2500 Pa (+17 beaufort, comparable to a hurricane).

This unique method provided an excellent insight into the vulnerable areas of the system and allowed us to determine the necessary safety margins regarding the pressure and suction loads on the total system.

We chose a bracket that is fastened to the sandwich panel with a rivet, in contrast to other systems tested. The tests show that the system is sufficiently robust. The pressure and suction forces that occur do not cause the entire system or the roof connection to fail.

Scope 12 approved

The SCIOS Scope 12 inspection is an electrical inspection and certification regulation of the entire PV installation with very rigid inspection requirements. In order to meet the standard, fire risk and electrical safety are examined. If no defects are found, a Scope 12 inspection report is issued. This also meets the requirements of the insurer.

With these new integrity tests, we offer our customers and end customers a conclusive file from an inspection and insurance point of view.