We are expanding our product range!


We are pleased to welcome Growatt is our product range!With Growatt, we take in a new brand and with it 3 new products within batteries and inverters. Modular LFP battery systemMeet ARK XH, the modular battery solution for the home. With a capacity of up to 25.6 kWh, the ARK XH is the perfect way to maximise everyone's energy storage needs. LiFePO4 technology ensures a safe and reliable energy source, while the modular design allows the system to be easily expanded and adapted as needed. Hybrid invertersGet the most out of your solar power with the MIN 2500-5000TL-XH and MOD 3000-10000TL3-XH hybrid inverters! These single-phase and three-phase inverters manage both AC and DC components, while the arc detection functions ensure safety. Moreover, the load capacity can be up to 5kW for the single-phase and 10kW for the three-phase inverter. This creates flexibility to drive whatever each one needs The biggest advantage is Can handle up to 200% of rated power (battery required Future-proof systemThe system can be expanded with alternative batteries at a later date. This provides greater flexibility in terms of long-term expansion. The combination of battery and inverter can ensure that 200% of the rated power can be processed.

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ALLiFIX: the new slide mounting system


Discover ALLiFIX: our new slide mounting system. We are proud to launch our new ALLiFIX onroof slide mounting system. The new system is perfectly suited for private installations on pitched roofs. Quick and easy installation With the ALLiFIX mounting system, you simply slide the roof hook over the batten without using screws. The clamps click directly over the profile, thereby saving you a great deal of time. This way of working also reduces possible damage to the profile. The lightweight rail is comfortable to work with. Flexible system ALLiFIX is compatible with all common tiled roof coverings and suitable for 99% of solar panels. Thanks to the high clamping range of the middle and end clamps, all standard modules and frame heights fit perfectly into the system. The short profiles facilitate transport and installation on the roof. Thanks to the components in black or alu finish, you can always deliver an aesthetically attractive installation. Solid and durable The entire ALLiFIX mounting system is made of high-quality aluminium with an anodised finish. This makes the system resistant to corrosion. As a manufacturer, we also offer a lifelong anti-corrosion guarantee on roof hooks, profiles and clamps. In addition, there is also a 25-year manufacturer's warranty on assembly materials and a 10-year manufacturer's warranty on lacquer and anodising. Read more about ALLiFIX.

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Company car taxation 2023-2031 (BE)


The future is green. That is the reasoning behind the 'Fiscal Policy 2026' bill. The law is a package of measures in favour of electric company cars, charging infrastructure and a better mobility budget. Zero-emission vehicles Deductibility Zero emission vehicles ordered before 1 January 2027 remain 100% tax deductible.. For vehicles ordered after that date, the deductibility will gradually decrease to 67.5% in 2031.. CO2 contribution For Zero Emission Vehicles purchased before 1 July 2023, the monthly CO2 contribution is €20,83. This amount is not indexed and will be reviewed annually.. ZEVs purchased after 1 July 2023 are subject to the minimum CO2 contribution until 2025. From 2025 onwards, the contribution will gradually increase to €31.15 per month in 2028.. Non-ZEVs For non-ZEVs there are 3 periods: before 1 July 2023, 1 July 2023 to the end of 2025, from 2026 onwards. Deductibility Non-ZEVs ordered before 1 July 2023 are subject to the current deductibility formula.. For non-ZEVs purchased between 1 July 2023 and 31 December 2025, the phase-out rule applies. The maximum deductibility will be reduced by 25% each year to reach 0% in 2028.. Non-ZEVs ordered from 1 January 2026 will no longer be tax deductible.. CO2 contribution Non-ZEVs purchased before 1 July 2023 remain subject to the current rules. The minimum contribution is €20.83 per month (revised annually).. From 1 July 2023, the CO2 contribution will be multiplied annually by a higher factor. The minimum contribution will be € 31.15 per month in 2028.. Multiplying by factors will also be applied from 1 January 2026.. For plug-in hybrids, the tax deductibility is still 50% if they are ordered after 1 January 2023. Electricity costs are not included. PHEVs follow the rules of non-ZEVs. Charging infrastructure for private individuals Charging stations are tax deductible for private individuals if they meet the following criteria: Tax break on the investment (purchase, installation and inspection). Intellingent charging station (control of charging time and power). Only green electricity. Maximum € 1,500 per charging station and per taxpayer. Tax reduction decreases from 45% in 2021 to 15% in 2024.. Charging infrastructure for companies Companies are eligible for an increased cost deduction in the following situation: Depreciation of new charging stations on publicly accessible car parks. Publicly accessible charging station, during company opening and/or closing hours. Check location and availability after registering with FPS Finance or via eafo.eu. Intellingent station. 200% deductible until 31 December 2023 and then still 150% until 31 August 2024. Depreciation must be linear over 5 years. (Bron: Fleet.be)

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Solar Facade Installation - Airport Deurne (BE)


The airport in Deurne received a beautiful installation of solar panels. Not on the roof, but against the wall! The steeldeck plates, on a profile of 6m20, were mounted against the façade. Afterwards, the M8 hexagonal bolts, which were attached to the panels, were slid into the profiles. This way, the entire installation could easily be installed without the use of clamps.

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Agrivoltaics in fruitfarming (BE)


Protecting fruit while producing energy is possible with this unique solution! It initially started as a project with the University of Leuven as a solution for more renewable energy in agriculture. A first for Europe The first installation was placed above fruit trees, because orchards are still easy to harvest under solar panels. This is more difficult when harvesting vegetables with large agricultural machines. The installation in Bierbeek was a first in Europe. Better crops The impact of the solar panels on the pear trees was thoroughly tested. The panels are placed high above the field. That way the sunlight still reaches the crops and there is enough space for agricultural machinery. The measurements showed that the temperature under the panels is higher at night and lower during the day. In addition, the panels partially protect the pears from the bright rays of the sun or from hail. "Under the panels there is less evaporation, which leads to better harvests. You can create a favourable microclimate under solar panels. It is like a new form of climate control," says Professor Van de Poel. Allimex Green Power The solar panels were placed on the existing construction for hail nets, at a height of 4 metres. The impact of the panels on the environment and activities was thus limited. Allimex Green Power provided the SolarSpeed East-West mounting system and the other mounting materials, such as long profiles and the necessary clamps.

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