ALLiFIX: the new slide mounting system


Discover ALLiFIX: our new slide mounting system

We are proud to launch our new ALLiFIX onroof slide mounting system. The new system is perfectly suited for private installations on pitched roofs.  


Quick and easy installation

With the ALLiFIX mounting system, you simply slide the roof hook over the batten without using screws. The clamps click directly over the profile, thereby saving you a great deal of time. This way of working also reduces possible damage to the profile. The lightweight rail is comfortable to work with.


Flexible system

ALLiFIX is compatible with all common tiled roof coverings and suitable for 99% of solar panels. Thanks to the high clamping range of the middle and end clamps, all standard modules and frame heights fit perfectly into the system. The short profiles facilitate transport and installation on the roof. Thanks to the components in black or alu finish, you can always deliver an aesthetically attractive installation.


Solid and durable

The entire ALLiFIX mounting system is made of high-quality aluminium with an anodised finish. This makes the system resistant to corrosion. As a manufacturer, we also offer a lifelong anti-corrosion guarantee on roof hooks, profiles and clamps. In addition, there is also a 25-year manufacturer's warranty on assembly materials and a 10-year manufacturer's warranty on lacquer and anodising.

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