We are expanding our product range!


We are pleased to welcome Growatt is our product range!
With Growatt, we take in a new brand and with it 3 new products within batteries and inverters.

 Modular LFP battery system
Meet ARK XH, the modular battery solution for the home. With a capacity of up to 25.6 kWh, the ARK XH is the perfect way to maximise everyone's energy storage needs. LiFePO4 technology ensures a safe and reliable energy source, while the modular design allows the system to be easily expanded and adapted as needed.

Hybrid inverters
Get the most out of your solar power with the MIN 2500-5000TL-XH and MOD 3000-10000TL3-XH hybrid inverters! These single-phase and three-phase inverters manage both AC and DC components, while the arc detection functions ensure safety. Moreover, the load capacity can be up to 5kW for the single-phase and 10kW for the three-phase inverter. This creates flexibility to drive whatever each one needs The biggest advantage is Can handle up to 200% of rated power (battery required

 Future-proof system
The system can be expanded with alternative batteries at a later date. This provides greater flexibility in terms of long-term expansion. The combination of battery and inverter can ensure that 200% of the rated power can be processed.