Solutions for flat roofs

We also offer various solutions for flat roofs.



SolarSpeed Ballast Light 

Fully pre-fabricated

  • SolarSpeed is fully pre-assembled. The triangular support comes pre-secured on the lower rail and the angle and pitch are preset. The rubber strip is already screwed onto the base of the triangular support.
  • All the installer has to do is slide the supports together and screw them in place before assembling the backplates, clamps and, finally, the PV panels. Side plates are available but not required.
  • Unparalleled installation speed!


Magnelis steel: SolarSpeed is made of magnesium steel, making it even more corrosion-resistant and durable!


Perfect panel support: SolarSpeed supports the entire short end of your PV panel configuration, which is sturdier and safer than just supporting the corners and reduces the chance of damage and yield loss.


Direct earthing: SolarSpeed is fully electrically conductive. This makes earthing the system particularly quick and easy and, what's more, it doesn't cost any extra.


Handy calibration bar: All types and brands of PV panels are compatible with the SolarSpeed mounting system. The slotted holes in the ballast and wind plates accommodate for any size difference between the panels.


adjustable triangle


Own production: These adjustable triangular supports are produced entirely by Allimex Green Power.


Simplicity and convenience

  • For flat roofs, triangular supports are the easiest option.
  • With this adjustable triangular support, you will only need one type of support to mount your PV panels on the roof.
  • The angle of inclination is entirely up to you: from 15 to 35 degrees.

Quality: The adjustable triangular supports are made of thicker material than the standard supports, which also makes them much sturdier.

Installation solarspeed east-west

installation solarspeed south