Solutions for pitched roofs

All our mounting systems consist of a rail, roof hooks, triangular supports and clamps. Our systems come in various different finishes. Depending on your preference, you can opt for a screw or slide system, or for an on-roof or in-roof system.

onroof screw mounting

  • Universal: Rail compatible with all roof hooks, triangular supports and clamps. With these rails, you only need 1 rail in stock.
  • Base/ultralight: Budget-friendly and compatible.

Other systems:

  • Fast/hammerhead: similar to our universal system but with hammerhead screws.
  • One Turn: for side mounting.

onroof  slide mounting 

  • System D: This mounting system does not have to be screwed down. The hooks can simply be slid over the roof tiles.
  • Timesaving: Screws only needed for centre and end clamp.

onroof  inlay   

  • With this system, the PV panels are mounted in the rails for a sleek look and more yield per sqm.

    • No clamps or screws: fewer parts needed.
    • Prevents cracks and microcracks in the glass.
    • Better weight distribution on the roof = lower point load and less risk of delamination.

ALLiN systeem


ALLiN: new advantages


  • Rail height up to 52 mm instead of the standard 42 mm.
  • Compatible with 99% of PV panels in both landscape and portrait orientation.


  • Plenty of space to install optimisers.
  • No more hassle with bolts and nuts = less chance of damage.
  • Cables concealed in 35 mm cable tray.


  • Fully certified and extensively tested for wind and tensile forces in various configurations.
  • Extra space also ensures optimal panel ventilation.
  •  25 years warranty  



Integrated in-roof mounting system for PV panels

Roofing and power generation in one:

  • Highly compatible and universal
  • Beautiful
  • Economical and ecological
  • Safe and high-quality