on-roof slide and screw mounting


The re-designed system D, perfect for private tiled roof projects. The double adjustable roof hook is suited for slide and screw mounting.

allislide mounting system

Fast installation

ALLiSLIDE can be quickly installed on pitched tiled roofs. The mounting system is perfect for small residential projects. 

  • Suitable for slide and screw mounting
  • Fast installation via rotating motion
  • Only 5 components for an efficient installation
  • The right roof hook for every wind zone or substructure
allislide clamp


ALLiSLIDE is flexible and thus suitable for different mounting orientations. Te system is compatible with all common solar panels thanks to the adjustable middle and end clamps. 

  • Landscape and portrait mounting possible
  • Compatible with 99% of solar panels
  • Shorter profiles available for easy transportation
  • Black or alu finish for a smooth look
allislide roof hooks

The adjustable roof hook

  • The double adjustable roof hook can be used for both slide and screw mounting.  You simply alter the back of the hook.
  • The depth of the roof hook can be adjusted to match the thickness of the roof tile and batten. 
  • The roof hook is suitable for solar modules in portrait and landscape position.
  • The slotted hole allows perfect alignment of the profiles.

Strong and durable

The ALLiSLIDE mounting system is made of high-quality aluminium with anodised finish (in black). The system is resistant to corrosion and has a long service life. 

As a manufacturer, we offer:

  • Lifelong anti-corrosion guarantee on profiles, hooks and clamps
  • 25-year manufacturer's warranty on mounting material
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty on lacquer and anodisation