Wide range of solar panels

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Seraphim zonnepanelen


  • Quality and durability
  • Innovative cell technology
  • TUV and CSA certification
  • 10% lower installation costs (fewer panels/less transportation/fewer person-hours)
  • Beautiful
  • Ideal solution for projects and commercial applications
  • Extensive range
LG zonnepanelen


  • High-quality products
  • Durable & reliable: 25-year product and yield warranty
  • Returns up to +21%
  • Better performance on sunny days, also at high temperatures
  • Extra yield thanks to double-sided cell structure
  • Sleek: full black option
    TSC panelen


    • Efficiency up to 20.5%, compared to 15-17% for traditional panels
    • Less loss of space between solar cells
    • More energy per sqm: fewer parts required = lower system costs
    • Beautiful: uniform appearance thanks to Pure BlackTM panels and black frames
    • Better shade tolerance thanks to strings connected in parallel
    • Durable & reliable: will outlast 25-year product warranty
    • PID resistance guarantee for stable energy generation
    Longi panelen


    • High efficiency, up to 20.9%
    • Low-LID Mono PERC technology
    • Low operating current: reduced hot-spot risk and less resistance loss
    • Greater energy yield
    • 12-year product warranty and 25-year yield warranty
    Trina zonnepanelen


    • Innovative and reliable products
    • Less mismatch loss in and between the PV panels
    • Flexibility: set up panels in different orientations in 1 string
    • Higher efficiency, even in the shade
    • Lower hot-spot risk
    • Sleek design: full black panels
    Hyundai panelen


    • High-quality products
    • Mono PERC shingle technology
    • PID resistance guarantee for stable energy generation
    • Corrosion-resistant: tested in various conditions
    • UV tested
    • Suitable for residential and commercial projects